Unit 3: Inverses & Logarithms

Upon completion of this topic each student will be able:

(U3) Lesson 1

  1. To examine the graph, equation, or table for a function to determine whether or not the function has an inverse.
  2. To find the inverse of a linear function, and to describe relationships between the representations (equations, tables, and graphs) of the original function and its inverse.
  3. To graph the composite of a function and its inverse and explain the nature of that graph.

(U3) Lesson 2

  1. To know and be able to use the definition of a logarithm.
  2. To know and be able to use properties of logarithms.
  3. To solve exponential equations using logarithms.
  4. To understand why logarithmic scales are useful and how they compare to linear scales.

(U7) Lesson 1

  1. To transform exponential expressions into equivalent expressions.
  2. To interpret exponential models.
  3. To solve exponential equations.
  4. To know and be able to illustrate and use the properties of logarithms.
  5. To understand the number e and natural logarithms.
  6. To solve logarithmic equations involving either common logarithms or natural logarithms.